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LogicaMente 2023

Consciousness, self-awareness and the logic of Oneness


For LogicaMente 2023 edition of the World Logic Day, Patrizio Paoletti and RINED will present a dialog between Dr. Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan and Prof. Avraham Balaban on the logics of Oneness. In their dialog they will mainly discuss; (1) Martin Buber’s I thou theory (1970) and (2) relate it to state-of-the-art current neurophenomenological models of consciousness, the Sphere Model of Consciousness (Paoletti and Ben-Soussan 2020, 2022), in addition to (3) philosophical and practical implications to the relations with ourselves and with the other as well as freeing one’s self through self-awareness.

Neuroscientific studies have demonstrated that our brain can be regarded as fragmented and, at least partially, modular. The brain’s distribution in different modules has been suggested to lead to a logic of fragmentation resulting in a multiplicity of ‘I’s. This multiplicity lies at the core of our sense of loneliness and incommunicability in what is called the reactive mind. At the same time, it has been demonstrated that increased neuronal synchronization, which is related to cognitive flexibility, attention and self-awareness, can aid in enhancing internal integrity and sense of oneness. In this context, brain integrity was previously found to be connected to greater internal congruency.  Importantly, neuronal synchronization can be elicited by different paradigms, such as music and meditation, which were further found to improve emotional regulation, creativity and information processing. Together, these results emphasize the importance of finding paradigms to elicit efficient neuronal synchronization and brain integrity, which are crucial for logical process and moral problem solving.  In the current talk, we will discuss these results and recent studies in the framework of the Sphere Model of Consciousness, and how we can transcend our more automatic self-centeredness to an empathic non-dual state with the other.


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Paoletti, P., & Ben-Soussan, T. D. (2020). Reflections on inner and outer silence and consciousness without contents according to the sphere model of consciousness. Frontiers in Psychology, 1807.


Paoletti, P., Leshem, R., Pellegrino, M., & Ben-Soussan, T. D. (2022). Tackling the Electro-Topography of the Selves Through the Sphere Model of Consciousness. Frontiers in Psychology, 1534.



LogicaMente 2023

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