We welcome you to 3rd edition of the World Logic Day - Under the auspices of UNESCO. 


World Day of Logic proclaimed by UNESCO

LOGICALLY 2021 - Logic in uncertain times: focus on the Spherical Model of Consciousness

Patrizio Paoletti and Rotem Leshem


Covid-19 pandemic has left us and the new year with great uncertainties. Which types of logic does uncertainty require? Which logic of thought could be applied in daily life in order not to be overwhelmed by the present difficulties, but rather to use them to grow in self-awareness and to foresee a better future? The research of consciousness can help us to answer these questions. In this context, the Sphere Model of Consciousness (Paoletti, 2002) is an effective means to better understand neurocognitive, affective and perceptual processes and, at the same time, to provide practical tools for everyday life. Through the logic of balance, the Sphere Model of Consciousness, recently defined as the most advanced and elegant model for describing the phenomena of consciousness, provide us with a daily training tool to position and orient ourselves. In this meeting, Paoletti, together with Rotem Leshem, will discuss: (1) the theoretical and practical implications of the model in relations to logical process, subjectivity and objectivity in consciousness; (2) the value of meditative practices, embodied and abstract experience for overcoming the conditioning resulting from past memories and from anxiety of the future; and consequently (3) how we logically could process an expanded experience of time as a continuous present. The OMM method will be mentioned, as well as neuroplasticity and the possible evolutionary leap of the human species, in which we can act and be witnesses of change.


Keywords: Uncertainty, Awareness, Sphere Model of Consciousness



LogicaMente 2021

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